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World Justice Project Report

While working for the World Justice Project (WJP), I led the design and production of reports about the rule of law in 20 different Latin American and Caribbean countries. Along with my team from WJP, I devised a plan for the reports and created data visualizations for each.

Preview of the Rule of Law Publication

The Project

My goal for this project was to convey a series of stories about each country. These data visualizations would allow comprehensive comparisons of the rule of law across the region.

Process Overview


First, the WJP team defined several stories to tell through the data visualizations in each report. The team members worked independently, investigating interesting patterns in the data to explore in infographics. After our individual exploration, we settled on seven different stories to visualize.


Next, I worked along with Boost Labs to create concepts for each graphic and the report layout. After a general template for each story was produced, I further refined each and then produced the data visualizations for each country.


Finally, I worked with the WJP team and our grant officer to revise various pieces and prepare our final deliverable.

The last element was designing a cover to apply to each report while also tying into the WJP brand. The final design incorporated a map motif that WJP consistently uses across their reports, namely the World Justice Project Rule of Law Index.

Print Projects: What to Expect

I have a multidisciplinary background in art and design, so I bring a unique skill set to every project I work on.


A defined process from start to finish


Clean, professional design with an attention to details


Print-Ready Files


5% of profits towards the environment


World Justice Project Report
Case Study

I learned a great deal through my involvement in this project. Some key take-aways for me included how to work with a multidisciplinary team, how to design within deadlines, and how to make my process accessible to others. Yes, I had challenges and made mistakes throughout the process, but through this, I gained experience so I can and improve with future projects.

Rule of Law in Trinidad & Tobago

A series of data visualizations to allow comprehensive comparisons of the rule of law across the Carribbean.


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