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Website Design:

Whitehouse Consulting Services

Gary Whitehouse has been assisting families with college recruiting for 17 years through his company Whitehouse Consulting Services (WCS). He has worked with and individually assisted over 300 families as they seek to understand and navigate the college selection process. He was in need of an updated website so that people had a place to go to assess his credibility.

Duration: 3 months
Roles: UX Designer, Web Developer
Tools: Photoshop | WordPress | Divi

Mockup of a laptop displaying WCS website

The Project

Process Overview


 We began the project by exploring the various web hosting options  and settled on WordPress as a content management system. From there, we worked on some design concepts and selected a customizable theme that aligned with the project goals as a starting point. 


Next was the website design phase. We began with mockups of a few pages based on the selected theme and customized them with brand colors and lorem ipsum for content. The next step was creating a test version of the site  to design all the pages completely prior to launching on the live URL.


Once the design was complete, the website was launched onto the garywhitehouse.com URL. This was followed up by registering the new website with search engines, establishing social media connections, and ensuring website redirects were in place.

Web Design Projects: What to Expect

I have a multidisciplinary background in art and design, so I bring a unique skill set to every project I work on.


A collaborative process from start to finish


Clean, professional design with an attention to details


Custom Web Design that is easily editable for future updates


5% of profits towards the environment

— A Closer Look

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