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Print Design:

Expeditors 2019 Annual Report

Working alongside an art director and the CFO of Expeditors, I was the lead designer to create the introductory pages for their 2019 annual report. This edition of Expeditors’ annual report  celebrated the company’s 40 year history and their journey through it.

The Project

As with other publicly traded companies, Expeditors is required to publish an annual report every year.  This presented a design opportunity where I could both represent and define the company’s brand in a series of introductory pages.

Process Overview


The first step of the process was defining a concept or theme for the piece. After several moodboards and mockups, we arrived on the concept of celebrating the company’s 40 year history.


Once we arrived at our final concept, I began exploring different options to develop the message and communicate it in a way that aligned with Expeditors’ brand.


Finalizing the project involved cleaning up the design and working directly with the printer to ensure that all files were ready for press.

Print Projects: What to Expect

I have a multidisciplinary background in art and design, so I bring a unique skill set to every project I work on.


A defined process from start to finish


Clean, professional design with an attention to details


Print-Ready Files


5% of profits towards the environment


Annual Report
Case Study

While the final product was a print piece, you can view a digital version of the publication below.

Expeditors 2019 Annual Report

Introductory pages highlighting Expeditor’s 40 year history.





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