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Case Studies

Expeditors 2019 Annual Report

Working alongside an art director and the CFO of Expeditors, I was the lead designer to create the introductory pages for their 2019 annual report. This edition of Expeditors’ annual report  celebrated the company’s 40 year history and their journey through it.

Trails Creative Branding

As the sole founder and designer of Trails Creative, I created a complete brand package for the studio. This included brand guidelines for font and color choice, a logo, website, social media, and business cards.

World Justice Project Report

While working for the World Justice Project (WJP), I lead the design and production of reports about the rule of law in 20 different Latin American and Caribbean countries. Along with my team from WJP, I devised a plan for the reports and created data visualizations for each.

— Process

I work to change the world with every project, big or small.

I treat each project as a chance to learn something new and do something different. The way I see it, every project is just a new challenge and can make a difference in the world, even just a little bit, so I strive to create inspiring work every time.

Hunter Zachwieja

Founder & CEO

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